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<br />3. <br /> <br />Council recommends the highest level of landscaping utilizing any and all funds <br />available. The highest level oflandscaping would be at least five percent of the total <br />project cost or a tree every fifty feet along the median and the boulevards, whichever is <br />greater. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />4. Council recommends the basic lighting package, which would include the lighting of all <br />signalized intersections and additional lights at the City Hall and the church entrances for <br />special safety reasons. The additional lighting provided for safety reasons should be paid <br />for by Ramsey County. Ramsey County will be responsible for coordinating and <br />maintaining lighting continuity along the corridor and between the cities. <br /> <br />5. Council recommends signalization of all of the identified intersections including the <br />proposed Arden Manor/Round Lake Road intersection when warranted and appropriate. <br />Council would recommend that Ramsey County provide a progressive signal system to <br />allow vehicles to travel in platoons at a uniform speed through the signalized <br />intersections without having to stop at a red light. Council also recommends the <br />incorporation of an Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system into the basic package <br />at no cost to the City. <br /> <br />6. Council recommends installation of the necessary storm sewer plus one (I) 16 inch <br />casing for a future watermain crossing at Snelling A venue. Council further recommends <br />Ramsey County maximize County/State Gas Tax and Tumback Funds to minimize any <br />costs related to Arden Hills Storm Sewer Improvements. <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />7. <br /> <br />Council recommends that the re-construction of segment #2 be scheduled the year <br />following the re-construction of segment # I, and further recommends that segment # I be <br />completed in 1998 with segment #2 being completed in 1999. <br /> <br />8. Council requests that Ramsey County consider the right-of-way requirements for a <br />possible overpass at the Highway 96 and Highway 10 intersection. Council further <br />recommends that Ramsey County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation <br />explore the relocation of traffic from Highway 10 back onto Interstate 35W so that an <br />overpass is not required in the future at the intersection of Highways 10 and 96. <br /> <br />9. Council recommends that the City develop a welcome/entry type sign at each end of the <br />Highway 96 corridor. <br /> <br />10. Council requests pursuing monies from segments with little or no medians to be used for <br />landscaping on segments where wider medians are being proposed. <br /> <br />11. Council requests preliminary plans for the service road and intersection connecting Arden <br />Manor to Round Lake Road be completed by Ramsey County no later than February 29, <br />1996. Preliminary Design for this intersection should be designed at Ramsey County's <br />expense, and be designed in such a manner as to minimize the impact on the Round Lake <br />wetlands and be aligned with an access to Arden Manor. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />12. <br /> <br />Council recommends that prior to the approval of a final layout plan by Ramsey County, <br />that Ramsey County meet with the Arden Hills City Council to review and coordinate <br />construction recommendations. <br />