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Johnson encouraged all Commissioners to communicate with. Council members their interests, <br />recommendations and. encouragement to do something ... talk about what each Commissioner thinks is the best <br />way to generate additional funding supplemental state sales tax, referendum, endowments. It is also <br />important to get your opinions on record at upcoming Council meetings. <br />Remaining discussion centered on the benefits of an endowment, bonding bill and supplemental sales tax. <br />Commission questioned whether the best plan is to focus on a single means of financing or a combined effort. <br />All Commissioners were in agreement that the Parks and Recreation System is in need of additional financial <br />support ... what is the best way to meet the financial needs? Follow up discussion revolved around the benefits <br />of each funding opportunity. In the end, Commissioners spoke to the task at hand; convincing the Council that <br />something needs to be done to financial support the needs of the Parks and Recreation System, <br />5. DEPARTMENT REVIEW <br />Anfang updated commission on department activities of the past 2 months and upcoming events. Presentation <br />included information on: Rosefest follow up, upcoming events (Gus Macker BB Tourney and Wild Rice <br />Festival), end of the summer programming and early fall opportunities. <br />6. HANC PLANNING COMMITTEE UPDATE <br />Sarah, Bob, Gale and Jim reviewed process to date. Sarah reviewed tour of the Boardwalk area. Overall, the <br />delegates reported on the group discussions and brainstorming goals and commented on what a well-rounded <br />group the committee was. <br />Commission Recommendation: Staff to notify all Commission members of the Planning Committee <br />Schedule <br />7. RECOMMEND ANNUAL TOUR DAYIDATEILOCATIONS <br />Commission recommended conducting the annual parks and recreation system tour on the regular September <br />meeting date, Tuesday, September 4 at 5:30pm. Commissioners will meet staff at the Harriet Alexander <br />Nature Center and proceed from this location. <br />Commissioners asked that the following Iocations be included in the tour, Skating Center construction, Lady <br />Slipper Park, Nature Center and more. <br />8. DIRECTORS REPORT <br />• LA Fitness is opening in Roseville in December. <br />• The golf course is trying a service that provides a "goose dog" for herding the geese that have made the <br />Golf Course their home. Golf Course staff are looking to use the dog yet this summer and into the fall. <br />• The Geothermal feasibility Study is being developed and an application to Xcel Energy is being completed. <br />• The City has a new Web Site — check it out. <br />9. OTHER <br />• The City Manger has distributed the Imagine Roseville 2025 Strategies to city commissions for their input. <br />Commission is needing to schedule an additional meeting date to discuss the document and provide staff <br />with their feedback to share with the City Manager. Wednesday, August 22 at 6:30pm, Council Chambers. <br />• Jeff Johnson volunteered to contact other communities for get information on park dedication fees in other <br />cities. <br />Dale Street Athletic Complex fencing project bids came in higher than budgeted, because of this, Council <br />has rejected the bids. Staff are working with the City Attorney to separate the project out and readvertise <br />the bid request. <br />Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm <br />Respectfully Submitted, <br />Jill Anfang, Assistant Director <br />