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<br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />CITY OF ARDEN HILLS <br />RAMSEY COUNTY, MINNESOTA <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 90- 23 <br /> <br />RESOLUTION <br />BY <br />THE CITY OF <br />ARDEN HILLS <br /> <br />County Charter Commission vas created by the <br />members appointed by the Judiciary for the purpose <br />Home Rule Charter in the State of Minnesota, and <br /> <br />YHEREAS, the Ramsey <br />Legislature and its <br />of writing the first <br /> <br />YHEREAS, after extensive research, hearings and drafting, the Ramsey County <br />Charter Commission has completed this historic constitutional document <br />for the people of Ramsey County, and <br /> <br />YHEREAS, representatives of <br />Ramsey County Charter <br />developing this Charter, <br /> <br />the Ci ty of <br />Commission <br />and <br /> <br />Arden Hills have <br />during the past <br /> <br />worked with the <br />two years in <br /> <br />YHEREAS, this constitutional <br />accessibility, flexibility, <br />government, therefore <br /> <br />document seeks to enhance the visibility, <br />efficiency, and responsiveness of county <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the Arden Hills City Council urges all Citi2ens of <br />Ramsey County to become informed about the proposed Ramsey County Home <br />Rule Charter, <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of the Arden Hills City Council <br />urge Citi2ens of Arden Hills to go to the polls and exercise their <br />constitutional right to be a part of their governing process by voting <br />on this issue in the November 6, 1990 general election. <br /> <br />Adopted by the Arden Hills City Council this 30th day of April, 1990. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br />(/ <br />/~1t <br />Gary R. Be ~ er, <br /> <br />"~ <br />CITY OF EN ?Zit <br /> <br /> <br />By <<xl ~ <br />Thomas R. Sather, Mayor <br /> <br />{] -V~1 <br />City A inistrator <br />