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<br /> <br />ROSEVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION <br />MINUTES OF MEETING OF February 6, 2007 <br />ROSEVILLE CITY HALL ~ 7:00PM <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br /> Brodt Lenz, Jacobson, Johnson, Kamrath, Kruzel, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus <br />ABSENT: <br /> None <br />STAFF: <br /> Brokke <br /> <br /> INTRODUCTIONS/ROLL CALL/PUBLIC COMMENT <br />1. <br /> <br />No Public Comment <br /> <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES – DECEMBER 5, 2006 MEETING <br />2. <br />Commission Recommendation:. <br /> Minutes of the December 5, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved <br /> <br /> DEPARTMENT REVIEW <br />3. <br />Staff shared a variety of upcoming programs and encouraged the community to get involved. Picnic shelter <br />reservations and spring summer program registrations are now being taken. Roseville Parks and Recreation is <br />providing a wide range of services to a broad scope of the community. Staff highlighted the Leader in Training <br />program, tree and shrub sale, Rosefest Parade, Arts at the OVAL, skating school daytime program, non-school <br />day trips, home and garden show and summer job opportunities. <br /> <br />th <br /> JANUARY 6, 2007 RETREAT DISCUSSION <br />4. <br />The general notes of the commission annual retreat were highlighted by Chair Johnson and staff. Discussion <br />followed and it was decided that individual topics would be added to future commission agendas as <br />appropriate. <br />Commission Recommendation: <br /> To add individual topics to future meetings as appropriate. <br /> <br /> HANC PLANNING COMMITTEE <br />5. <br />Staff explained the process and makeup of the HANC planning committee and that the City Council, at their <br />th <br />January 29, 2007 meeting authorization staff to work with the Parks and Recreation Commission to form a <br />committee with Commissioner Jacobson as the lead. The City Council also appointed Council Member Ihlan as <br />a representative to the committee. It was further explained that the committee makeup includes two Parks and <br />Recreation Commissioners and Commissioner Jacobson asked for volunteers. After discussion Commissioner <br />Willmus and Brodt-Lenz volunteered. Commissioner Stark suggested that the Grass Lake Watershed District <br />be represented. Commissioners asked if Stark was a member of the Grass Lake Watershed District, and if he <br />would be willing to fill that need, he indicated that he would be interested and would discuss it with the Grass <br />Lake Watershed District at their next meeting. <br />Commission Recommendation <br />: Appointed Commissioner Willmus, Brodt Lenz and Stark as representatives <br />on the HANC planning committee. <br /> <br /> 2007 PARK IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS (PIP) <br />6. <br />Staff reviewed the detailed list of the 2007 park improvement projects that were included in the packet. Staff <br />clarified that the total proposed projects included $210,000, $35,000 more than what is in the 2007 budget. <br />Two project estimates that total $35,000 each are the bleacher/satellite pads and the Skating Center basement <br />addition. Staff sought input from the commission on which project should be a higher priority. After discussion <br />it was suggested that the basement addition should not be overlooked because this is the only time that it can be <br />reasonably done. If the funding needs to come from PIP it was suggested that the bleacher/satellite project is <br />delayed before the skating center basement. <br />Commissioner Ristow questioned the need to fence the fields at the Central Park Dale Street Athletic fields. It <br />was explained that this is a project that was proposed by the Roseville Area Youth Football Association several <br />years ago and has been in the planning and fundraising stages. The process to get to the point of fencing the <br />field involved the neighbors, affiliated groups, and approval of the concept plan by the City Council. Staff <br />explained that the purpose and intent of fencing the fields is to have the ability to take them out of service when <br /> <br />