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<br /> <br /> <br />ROSEVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION <br />MINUTES OF MEETING OF APRIL 3, 2007 <br />ROSEVILLE CITY HALL ~ 7:00PM <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br /> Brodt Lenz, Johnson, Kamrath, Pederson, Ristow, Selz, Stark, Willmus <br />ABSENT: <br /> Kruzel (notified staff of absence) <br />STAFF: <br /> Brokke, Anfang, <br /> <br /> INTRODUCTIONS/ROLL CALL/PUBLIC COMMENT <br />1. <br />Bill Malinen, Roseville City Manager, stopped by to introduce himself to the Commission. Mr. Malinen has <br /> <br />been in Roseville for 3 months. He has been busy learning about our community and gathering information. <br /> <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES – MARCH 6, 2007 MEETING <br />2. <br />Commission Recommendation:. <br /> Minutes of the March 6, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved <br /> <br /> ADMINISTER OATH OF OFFICE <br />3. <br />Vice Chair Willmus administered the Oath of Office to returning Commissioners Ristow, Johnson, Brodt Lenz <br />and new Commissioner Kathleen Selz. Vice Chair Willmus administered the Oath in place of Chairman <br />Johnson as Jeff was being reinstated to the Commission. <br />Following the administration of the Oath of Office, Kathleen Selz spoke briefly on her background and past <br />experiences. Ms. Selz is relatively new to Roseville, having lived in the community 1½ years. She came to <br />Roseville following a professional career on the east coast working in positions involving policy and <br />advocacy. Kathleen has worked with the National Conservation Corps and was involved with a number of <br />different fund raising initiatives. Commissioners and staff introduced themselves to Kathleen Selz. <br /> <br /> DEPARTMENT REVIEW <br />4. <br />Jill Anfang briefed the Commission on upcoming and recently hosted events. The Roseville Parks and <br />Recreation department, as well as many affiliated organizations, are gearing up for an activity filled spring and <br />summer. <br /> <br /> COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DISCUSSION <br />5. <br />Brokke briefly discussed the extensive City of Roseville Comprehensive Plan and the ways in which the plan <br />can be updated. He also briefed the Commission on the State of Minnesota requirements that all local <br />Comprehensive Plans are to be updated by December 2008. Parks and Recreation is incorporated into many <br />areas of the Plan and directly relates to a number of sections in the overall Comprehensive Plan. In addition to <br />the numerous Parks and Recreation connections throughout the plan, the Parks and Recreation Systems Plan is <br />also included in the City Comprehensive Plan. Commission discussion followed; <br /> <br />Johnson commented on how the Comp Plan reports and includes input from the Citizens through the <br />o <br />Imagine 2025 process, input from parks and recreation through the Systems Plan and from the County. <br />Johnson also shared information from the Imagine 2025 review that identified the significance of parks <br />and recreation in our community and the need to maintain our parks and recreation resources. <br /> <br />Willmus raised the question … is this the time to pursue updating our Park Master Plans with the Comp <br />o <br />Plan update? <br /> <br />A Commission discussion followed on the value of master planning parks as well as the planning <br />o <br />process. The concern for all is master planning parks without dedicated funding to do the work needed <br />to fulfill the plans. Commissioners voiced their support for preservation and connectivity as well as <br />establishing signature features in each of the parks. <br /> <br /> <br />