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<br />Excerpt of Minutes <br />7/16/07 City Council Meeting <br />Report Item 5.a Joint Meeting with the P&Recreation Commission <br />Report Item 5.b Update on the Process <br />Imagine Roseville 2025 <br /> <br />5. Report Items <br /> <br />a.Joint Council/Commission Meeting – Meeting with the <br /> <br />Parks and Recreation Commission <br />Chair Jeff Johnson spoke on behalf of the Commission and <br />introduced commissioners present. Parks & Recreation <br />Commission members present included: Harold Ristow, James <br />Stark, Jeff Johnson, Robert Willmus, Gale Pederson, and Mark <br />Kamrath. <br /> <br />Mayor Klausing complimented the Commission on the recent <br />ceremony at Harriet Alexander Nature Center (HANC) for the <br />vision-impaired sculptures, and thanked the Commission for <br />their work and achievement. <br /> <br />Mr. Johnson noted that this work of art display was very unique <br />and tastefully installed at the arboretum, and was making a <br />significant impact on the art community. <br /> <br />Mr. Johnson provided a Bench Handout, attached hereto and <br />made a part thereof, reviewing the department’s <br />accomplishments from 1993 to present; noting that the City’s <br />park acreage had increased from 504 to 680 acres, but that Park <br />Improvement funds were reduced a total of forty percent (40%) <br />in the last four (4) years. <br /> <br />Mr. Johnson opined that the City’s park system was a <br />remarkable asset for residents. <br /> <br /> Mr. Johnson reviewed specific agenda items developed by the <br />Commission for tonight’s meeting, asking that the City Council <br />take this discussion under consideration as they develop the <br />2008 budget. <br /> <br />1)Parks & Recreation maintenance and improvement <br /> <br />resources inadequate to meet the demands and <br /> <br />