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<br /> <br />ROSEVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION <br />MINUTES OF MEETING OF NOVEMBER 7, 2007 <br />ROSEVILLE CITY HALL ~ 6:30PM <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br /> Brodt Lenz, Hiber, Johnson, Kamrath, Kendall, Kruzel, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />STAFF: <br /> Brokke, Anfang, Hofmeister (Intern) <br /> <br /> INTRODUCTIONS/ROLL CALL/PUBLIC COMMENT <br />1. <br />No Public Comment <br /> <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES – OCTOBER 2, 2007 MEETING <br />2. <br />Commission Recommendation:. <br /> Minutes of the October 2, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved <br /> <br /> DEPARTMENT REVIEW <br />3. <br />Jill Anfang briefed the Commission on recent department operations and upcoming and recently hosted events. <br /> <br /> PARK DEDICATION FEE DISCUSSION <br />4. <br />Chad Hofmeister, University of Minnesota student intern, recently updated the Comparative Park Dedication <br />Data original compiled by Commissioner Johnson in late 2006 and reported on his findings. In general, there <br />was little change between the two reports. The comparison report did show that the average residential park <br />dedication fee for all communities contacted was $3463 while comparable communities to Roseville average <br />$2900. <br /> <br />Commission Discussion followed. Commissioners requested the addition of information from New Brighton, <br />and an estimate of the amount of park dedication fees collected in the last year. Commissioners were reminded <br />that Roseville, being a community with minimal open development opportunities, uses a park dedication <br />trigger of subdivision, or replatting, as the criteria for park dedication fees for a redevelopment. <br /> <br />Motion by Willmus, second by Ristow, to recommend to the City Council a $1000 increase in the Roseville <br />Residential Unit Fee to become a $3000 Residential Unit Park Dedication Fee. <br /> <br />Motion Passed Unanimously. <br /> <br /> KIWANIS PARTNERSHIP at the MURIEL SAHLIN ARBORETUM <br />5. <br />Anfang updated Commissioners on the proposed development project by the North Suburban St. Paul Kiwanis <br />at the Central Park Muriel Sahlin Arboretum. The Kiwanis are committed to building a Pergola on the <br />Arboretum Grounds. This structure is part of the site master plan and will be a much appreciated and enjoyed <br />addition to the facility. <br /> <br />Motion by Ristow, second by Kamrath, to recommend to the City Council the acceptance of the pledged <br />donation by the North Suburban St. Paul Kiwanis to build a pergola at the Central Park Muriel Sahlin <br />Arboretum. <br /> <br />Motion Passed Unanimously. Pederson abstained from voting as a member of the Central park Foundation. <br /> <br /> HANC PLANNING COMMITTEE UPDATE <br />6. <br /> <br />It was reported that the committee continues to meet and looks to wind up the evaluation and reporting process <br />in early 2008. A subject of interest at recent meetings has been the need for participation by the schools at <br />HANC to insure its viability and the need for HANC to fit into the learning goals of the schools. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />