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<br /> ROSEVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION <br />MEETING MINUTES FOR <br />MARCH 7, 2023 6:30 p.m. <br />PRESENT:Arneson, Boulton, Baggenstoss, Brown, Dahlstrom,Hoag,Lenhart, Matts- <br />Benson, Ybarra <br />ABSENT: <br />STAFF: Johnson, Taylor <br /> <br />1) INTRODUCTIONS <br /> <br />2) ROLL CALL/PUBLIC COMMENT <br /> <br />Roll Call Commissioners: Arneson, Boulton, Dahlstrom, Hoag, Matts-Benson, Ybarra. <br /> <br />Chair Dahlstrom called for public comment by members of the audience. No audience members <br />indicated they wish to speak. <br /> <br />3) APPROVAL OF MINUTES – FEBRUARY 7, 2023 MEETING <br /> <br />Vice-Chair Hoag moved to approve the minutes. Commissioner Arneson seconded. <br /> <br />Roll Call <br />Ayes:Arneson, Boulton, Dahlstrom, Hoag, Matts-Benson, Ybarra. <br />Nays: None. <br />Abstain:None. <br />Commissioners Brown and Lenhart joined the meeting. <br />4) NATURAL RESOURCES RENEWAL PROGRAM REVIEW AND NEXT STEPS <br />Staff provided a history of the natural resource programs in Roseville that formally began in the <br />1990’s and continues currently as the Natural Resource Renewal Program. As part of the renewal <br />program the city entered into a partnership with Stantec Consulting to implement an aggressive <br />natural resources program. The natural resources workaimed to remove invasive plants, restore <br />natives, educate the community, empower a network of community volunteers and set Roseville up <br />for long and ongoing sustainable success. The original program cost was $1.5 million and an <br />additional $600,000of grant fundingwas secured to continue the programfor nearly a decade.The <br />city is nearing the conclusion of the initial Natural Resource Renewal Program. <br /> <br />Staff noted that volunteers have been a key component of the Natural Resource Renewal Program. <br />These passionate volunteers have helped to transform Roseville parks over the years. <br />1 <br /> <br /> <br />